Our Facilities

Engineering & Hydraulics Showroom

The Westlands Showroom displays our huge range of products including all parts, connectors, fittings, hoses, seals, bearings, and much more.

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Service Desk

We pride ourselves on quality service and our friendly team is always available to help you.

Visit our service desk for a fully personalised service to suit your needs. 

Mobile Hose Repair Van

Westlands offers excellent field service with our Field Service Truck. Our expert team will travel to your location and repair your hydraulic and industrial hoses. 

Hydraulic Test Bench

At Westlands we have an advanced testing facility for hydraulic equipment. We can connect almost any part to our test bench, allowing us to diagnose problems with your equipment very quickly. Our test bench has a capacity of up to 56 gallons per minute at 5000psi, which is more than necessary for testing any hydraulic pump, motor or control valve in the area.

Ram Dismantling Bench

We also have a custom built hydraulic cylinder dismantling bench  for servicing and repairing hydraulic cylinders of all sizes. The bench was designed in-house and ensures a consistent, high quality result.  



Our Showroom
Service Desk
Hose Repair Van
Test Bench
Ram Dismantling